about Nikki

Nikki has dedicated her life and career to fitness, wellness and enjoying the outdoors to the fullest! Before certifying as a Personal Trainer in Toronto, she completed her MSc. in Health Psychology in London, England. Nikki’s enthusiasm for teaching, has led her down many paths; From the middle of nowhere as an Outward Bound Instructor in Australia, Florida and Canada, to the classrooms of Middlesex University and Barnet College in England and landing her in the Urban Wilderness of Toronto. Her excitement for life and anything that involves movement as well as her genuine care for each of her clients is evident in every class.

One of Nikki’s greatest strengths as an instructor is her “relatability”. As a proud Mom of 3 and a sole business owner, she understands how difficult it can be to make room for health & fitness every day. Her classes are designed for specifically for women as she believes it provides a special environment for fitness and, being a woman, she best appreciates the “nuances” that come with being female. Nikki has plenty of personal experience in various states of health; As an unconditioned young adult, A pre & post natal Mom, As an injured athlete and, her favourite state, An injury/illness-free highly conditioned, strong woman. It is her experience, training and education that allows her to readily welcome and challenge ALL FITNESS LEVELS in her classes. Each season, approximately 90% of her clients are repeats but “new faces” are always warmly welcomed into the community Nikki has built for almost 15 years.

Nikki believes that our mental, physical and emotional wellness can be found outside and recent science is supporting this as fact. Exercising in nature, regardless of weather, adds an increased sense of well-being which is a core concept to Nikki’s work and life philosophy. As you might imagine, Nikki isn’t the “all work and no play” type of woman. She is constantly seeking ways to physically & mentally challenge herself and in the process challenge the concept that “middle age” isn’t a time of growth. She is an avid swimmer, runner, spinner, yogi, weight-lifter, hiker, skier, snowboarder and wakeboarder. Over the years, she has completed many marathons, half-marathons and triathlons. She recently joined a Masters Swim group and an Adult Ski Racing league, having never participated in either sport competitively in her younger years. You might say that her love of life is infectious and if you join her classes, it will be an extra benefit to the amazing workout you’ve accomplished!

Nikki’s classes provide an opportunity to develop some amazing fitness habits! A supportive environment but not at all EASY! Being able to see my progress over through the weeks is motivating. A great way to mix-up the workout grind and have some fun too!
— Erin



Strength & Stride - Ravine System

A low impact, full body workout incorporating body weight strength exercises while power walking through the beautiful ravine system in Moore Park and Rosedale. This class is excellent for someone returning to fitness as well as for conditioned athletes who want to incorporate an “active rest” day to their training schedule.

If you have a dog, why not workout together?! Strength & Stride is “Dog friendly for friendly dogs”

A schedule of meeting locations will be delivered to clients after registering for Strength & Stride.

High intensity interval training - Rosedale Park

This is a high impact, calorie burning, full body workout using circuits and intervals. Spacious Rosedale Park provides the backdrop for this fun and challenging workout! The equipment and exercises change weekly so you’ll never be bored! Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mats to each class.

MISSED CLASSES - You can make-up any missed class at any other scheduled class in the season for which you are registered.

All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Nikki always encourages women of all fitness levels to join her classes! However, all clients should have a comfortable range of motion in knees, hips and shoulders in order to fully participate in any program.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS - Branksome Hall Athletic & wellness centre

A low impact class, focusing on postural alignment, core strength and functional movements.

“I have taken Nikki’s outdoor classes for many years. She never fails to energize the class with her ever-changing workouts and enthusiasm! Modifications are made without a fuss for any fitness level. Nikki is able to connect with ease to each and every woman she teaches. Rain or shine (and sometimes even snow! - Nikki’s classes are a great way to start your day!!
— Jennifer

Schedule and Fees

2019 Schedule




Branksome Hall Athletics and Wellness Centre

(Small Yoga Studio)

Nov. 5 - Dec. 17; 6:00-6:50AM

7 classes

Strength & stride $150


Tuesdays ($150)

Sept.3 - October 8; 6:30-7:30AM

6 classes - Schedule of weekly meeting locations will be emailed to participants after registration



High Intensity Interval Training


Wednesdays ($150)

Sept. 4 - October 9; 9:30-10:30AM

6 Classes - Rosedale Park


Nikki’s amazing programs are challenging and adaptable. I notice measurable increases in strength and endurance throughout the season. I love being outdoors in the positive atmosphere Nikki creates. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face!
— Brenda