Strength & Stride - Ravine System

A low impact, full body workout incorporating body weight strength exercises while power walking through the beautiful ravine system in Moore Park and Rosedale. This class is excellent for someone returning to fitness as well as for conditioned athletes who want to incorporate an “active rest” day to their training schedule.

If you have a dog, why not workout together?! Strength & Stride is “Dog friendly for friendly dogs”

A schedule of meeting locations will be delivered to clients after registering for Strength & Stride.

High intensity interval training - Rosedale Park

This is a high impact, calorie burning, full body workout using circuits and intervals. Spacious Rosedale Park provides the backdrop for this fun and challenging workout! The equipment and exercises change weekly so you’ll never be bored! Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mats to each class.

MISSED CLASSES - You can make-up any missed class at any other scheduled class in the season for which you are registered.

All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Nikki always encourages women of all fitness levels to join her classes! However, all clients should have a comfortable range of motion in knees, hips and shoulders in order to fully participate in any program.

“I have taken Nikki’s outdoor classes for many years. She never fails to energize the class with her ever-changing workouts and enthusiasm! Modifications are made without a fuss for any fitness level. Nikki is able to connect with ease to each and every woman she teaches. Rain or shine (and sometimes even snow! - Nikki’s classes are a great way to start your day!!
— Jennifer